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sleepgate-deactivated20140318 asked:
hi! just found you. vega sounds like everything i've ever wanted in a beat. please keep it up!

^_^ thank you so very much, seriously this just made my weekend more than you know!!

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I never make house/club style beats BUT I had to for a school project. Let me know what you guys think!! share it if you want!! thanks guys https://soundcloud.com/1990producer/school-project-track-house

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WhatIz.Biz Presents: 1990 Live In Fresno, CA (by scubafrank)

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1990 live at Fulton 55 in fresno. Checkout whatiz.biz

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: ▲ 1990 - "Mixtape Edit Vol. 2" (OUT NOW!) (FOR FREE!!) ▲



1990 presents his second mixtape under PIR▲.MD Records; “Mixtape Edit Vol. 2”. This mixtape is a mixture of electronic styles like wonky beats, chillwave, trillwave and glitch hop. The harmony between atmospheres, vocal samples, arpeggios, retro synths and trappy drum breaks is just…

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